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Calcium carbonate filled masterbatch

Calcium carbonate filler masterbatch
Suitable for a variety of products including polyethylene pipe, injection molding, blowing molding, sheet, plastic, woven bags, cloth, PE cloth, plastic net, blown film, cast film etc.. Have the following function and characteristic:
I. features:
(1) reduce the cost of products, improve production efficiency, and achieve good economic results.
(2) increase the rigidity of the product and increase the weight of the product.
(3) reduce the shrinkage of products and the deformation caused by shrinkage.
(4) good dispersibility: it has good solubility with polypropylene and polyethylene. Therefore, even if the amount of filler is larger, the appearance and smoothness of the coating can be obtained.
(5) whiteness is high: This product is pure white granular material, can be flexibly prepared and produced.
(6) the use of coupling agent treatment: in the case of large amount of filling, so that products still maintain good mechanical properties.
(7) process adaptability: customers can use the original processing equipment and production process for production.
(8) containing antioxidants and anti-aging agents, it can extend the service life of the product.
The main ingredients:
Content of project indicators (%)
1500 mesh calcium carbonate 70
Brand new PP pellets 20
Coupling agent, antioxidant, anti-aging agent, etc.
Assistant 10
Note: in transportation, storage and use, pay attention to moisture, moisture, avoid direct sunlight.

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